My Stage Makeup Essentials

The Cheerios with coach Sue Sylvester (GLEEorious).

Re-posting! Edited it a bit, too. 🙂 I wrote this a year ago, when I was performing weekly for 4 months in a stage musical production at Iloilo City. I loved those Saturdays, it’s when I got to sing, dance and act onstage plus I did my own hair and makeup for the show. My original post is here:

Me (center) as Quinn Fabray in GLEEorious, a stage musical adaptation of the hit TV show Glee.

Stage makeup is usually heavy. This is because stage actors are seen from farther away than actors on screen. The brightness of stage lights can wash out the whole look, so their makeup should be more dramatic. Here are the products I used to achieve the desired look for my performances.

  1. Contact lenses — I use green ones, from a brand called ICE. I figured out green eyes looked better on me than blues and grays. The contacts I own are just the right diameter and they blend well with my natural eye color so it doesn’t end up looking too anime or doll-like, which isn’t the look I’m trying to achieve.
  2. Liquid Foundation – Revlon Colorstay Makeup for Combination/Oily Skin in Buff. No need to use concealer since an ample amount of this completely covers up all blemishes, dark spots and dark circles.
  3. Cake Foundation – Fashion 21 Cake Foundation in #2. This can only be applied with a wet sponge. It’s also important to apply some at the neck and blend it in.
  4. Powder Foundation – Fanny Serano Cosmetics Two-Way Cake in Duchess. This two-way powder foundation can be applied wet or dry. But since I already have liquid foundation on, I use a dry sponge to apply this on my face. It sets the liquid foundation, eliminates shine, and provides an even canvas for the rest of the makeup.
  5. Eyeshadows – e.l.f. Essential Little Black Beauty Book 28-piece eyeshadow set, Maybelline Diamond Glow Eyeshadow 4-piece set in Copper Brown. I love the e.l.f. set! It has both matte and shimmery types in various colors. Maybelline’s eyeshadows are all shimmery so I don’t ever use them for everyday/daytime looks. The only time I get to use them is when I’m performing onstage. Shades I like using are a combination of gold, copper, and wine; a light shimmery green, some pale yellow and dark green; matte pink, purple and wine; white to highlight the area underneath the brow bone; and I always use black or dark brown to define the eyelid crease.
  6. Eyeliner – Maybelline EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Black. I’ve always found gel liners easier to use than liquid liners, and they provide almost the same dramatic effect.
  7. False lashes – e.l.f. Dramatic Eye Lash Kit
  8. Mascara – Maybelline Long Extreme Stiletto Ultimate Length Mascara
  9. Lipstick – Human♥Nature Hydrating Mineral Lipstick in Pink Skies (a natural-looking matte pale pink color), Sophie Paris Lipstick in Ice Pink and Red Wine (I love the creamy matte finish. It only costs PhP79!) and Maybelline Watershine Pure Lipstick in M31 (it’s a similar shade to my Sophie Red Wine lipstick, only this one isn’t matte, it’s like a luminous berry shade.) Lipstick is probably my makeup obsession. I have too many of them. I actually prefer pale, peachy, nude shades when I’m wearing light makeup especially during daytime, but it’s a different case when it’s for the stage, where it’s more of heavy makeup and I just want to define my lips with candy-like Barbie-ish pinks and plum or berry shades. (Fits my character coz I’m supposed to be a pretty-mean-girl-cheerleader here.) I don’t really use that super red lipstick unless the role requires it.
  10. Blush – Human♥Nature Mineral Blush in Tropical Rose, for that sheer peachy glow. I have to brush on several swipes of this product, though, since it’s not as pigmented as other blush brands, but it’s buildable. I prefer peachy, warm-toned shades when it comes to blush.
  11. Translucent Finisher – Nichido Final Powder in Pink Glow. This is like loose powder that comes in a jar, it’s the type that’s meant to set your makeup. This is like my final step. I brush this all over my face right after I’m done with everything else. I also use this for retouching backstage whenever sweat and oil forms on my face after all the dancing, plus due to the heat of the stage lights.

So that’s about it. Bye now! Stay pretty and happy! 🙂

♥ Max


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