Recent Purchases (October)

Recent purchases — new beauty treats and skin care stuff:

  • Watsons Travel Set mini containers
  • Pantene anti-hairfall conditioner
  • Watsons nylon body puff
  • Maybelline Eye and Lip Makeup Remover (for my mom)
  • Garnier OilClear Self-heating sauna mask
  • MaxFactor PanStik foundation in Bisque Ivory
  • Etude House Happy Teatime Cleansing Cream in Lemon Tea
  • Beauty Buffet assorted facials masks
  • PureDerm Collagen Eye Zone Masks
  • Watsons nose pore tapes
  • PureDerm Botanical Choice Dark Circle Reducer Eye Patches.

I’m thinking of doing a September-October haul entry — if I have the time, that is.


5 responses to “Recent Purchases (October)

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  4. I have several mini-containers, too, but I bought them way cheaper than what Watson’s sells them for, from local shops that source them from China.
    I think they’re too expensive at Watson’s, but then again, they’re a pretty convenient place to buy these from, right?
    Anyway, I love these containers. They’re extremely handy. I’ve filled mine with everything from plain water, lotions, foundations, moisturizer, sunscreen, loose powder, . They make my bag much lighter, plus they protect the products from getting smushed up in my bag. I absolutely hate it when a moisturizer or gel blush tube spills the contents onto my wallet or mobile phone! But with these tiny life-savers, my precious products and my bag are protected, and my shoulder has stopped hating me from lugging around full-size containers!

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